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CLI options

To view all CLI options for Hetty, run: hetty --help:

hetty [flags] [subcommand] [flags]

Runs an HTTP server with (MITM) proxy, GraphQL service, and a web based admin interface.

--cert Path to root CA certificate. Creates file if it doesn't exist. (Default: "~/.hetty/hetty_cert.pem")
--key Path to root CA private key. Creates file if it doesn't exist. (Default: "~/.hetty/hetty_key.pem")
--db Database directory path. (Default: "~/.hetty/db")
--addr TCP address for HTTP server to listen on, in the form \"host:port\". (Default: ":8080")
--chrome Launch Chrome with proxy settings applied and certificate errors ignored. (Default: false)
--verbose Enable verbose logging.
--json Encode logs as JSON, instead of pretty/human readable output.
--version, -v Output version.
--help, -h Output this usage text.

- cert Certificate management

Run `hetty <subcommand> --help` for subcommand specific usage instructions.

Visit to learn more about Hetty.